Leroy-Somer OptIMity-X 3-Phase 7.5kW Motor (IE2 / IE3)

Support various customization

01 Mounting

Available Option

- B3 Foot Mounted

- B5 Flange Mounted

- B14 Face Mounted

02 Pole & Frame Size

Available Option

- 2 Pole (132S)

- 4 Pole (132M)

- 6 Pole (160M)

03 Efficiency

Available Option

- IE2

- IE3


Material: Aluminium / Cast Iron

Dimensions and Ratings: IEC 60034-7

Terminal Box Position: Top Mounted Terminal Box

Cooling: IC411

IP Rating: IP55

Insulation: Thermal Class F

Rated Frequency: 50Hz

Removable Feet: Aluminium 80 - 132 Frame

kiloWatt: 7.5kW

B3 Mounting Specification (Aluminium) 

B5 Mounting Specification

B35 Mounting Specification (Aluminium) 

B3 Mounting Specification (Cast Iron)

B5 Mounting Specification (Cast Iron)

B35 Mounting Specification (Cast Iron)

For rated power, rated speed and etc, please refer to the PDF below. 

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